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We began our Tibetan Journeys in 1986 and are still they only company in the world that visits the remote eastern Tibetan Highlands on horseback.  We offer our Tibetan Highlands Ride just once a year to a group no larger than 12.  For the detailed itinerary of the trip, go here.

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In Mongolia we provide a range of travel services.  In the capitol, Ulaan Baatar ( Ulan Bator) we have our own local tourism company, Khovsgol Lodge Management Company with full time English-speaking staff.  We can arrange all forms of travel in Mongolia including jeep and overland travel, support services for film and video production, and specialized private itineraries.  We cover the Altai, Gobi and all regions of Mongolia.  Activities include fly fishing, mountain biking, rafting, horseback riding, equestrian interests, culture, history, dinosaurs.