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Bobo-finally back from japan ,after our mongolian trip . i wanted to thank you for organizing the trip so quickly . we had a wonderful time. could you please thank your sister anna for us .she was quite wonderful dealing with us on the spur of the moment a few times when options and flexibility were needed.also to thank her for helping us with buying a coat and sending it to the US. it really means a lot to us all the generosity and compassion bestowed on us. we hope to return to mongolia one day and you can be sure we will travel with boojum again. could you please send me undraa 's email i will have some photos to email her. thanks again so much-m. daniels 2011

Hi Bobo,
Just wanted you to know that Lynda SmithSchick really enjoyed the trip you organized for her. She is really appreciative and cannot say enough good things about you. You did a wonderful job and planned a perfect trip for her. So, thank you on my part as well for taking such good care of my client and friend. 2011

We enjoyed Mongolia tremendously especially Gobi, not so much UB; it is like no other country. We were fortunate to have very mild weather with some sprinkles and occasional rain. Dalzoo is an excellent guide, very friendly and ready to help. As for the driver, he never once got lost in the desert; these people have a sixth sense about finding their way thru the immense, flat expanse with no signs or landmarks. 2011
V. Fadia

Evaluation submitted for 'J. Steffa custom Arhangay,

We were VERY impressed with your company. The Mongolia staff worked very hard to arrange musical experiences for us at every turn and to make sure that our overall experience was a good one. Anna hooked us up with an amazing Morin Khuur maker and tracked down a book for us to learn to play it. Way above the call of duty! Our guide, Alma, was fabulous. She is incredibly knowledgeable about every subject related to Mongolia and was very helpful and practical. She always had a good solution to situations that didn't go exactly as planned and was comfortable with working things out. Very few things didn't go as planned! On the home stays......I would suggest either taking a spare ger along or a client tent so that sleeping can be separate. I realize that it is customary for folks to just 'show up', but overcrowding was typical for an average ger when 4/5 people were added to the residents. I think it would have made me feel much less like I was imposing and everybody would have slept more comfortably. One of our stays didn't work out because the resident simply had no idea what to do with us. I didn't blame her. I would have had no idea either!! We have traveled a lot. Your company was the most accommodating to our desires that we've ever dealt with. Once again, we were very pleased and impressed! 2010

COMMENTS: Everything far exceeded our expectations. My wife and I were particularly impressed with the flexibility of our trip. If, for example, a home stay didn't work out, something else equally interesting was arranged. We loved our guide/translator (ALMA). She is knowledgable, sweet and was like a family member. BOOJUM is an exceptional travel company and we will recommend BOOJUM to any of our friends who may be traveling abroad. Thank you BOOJUM (Jessica and Bobo) and ALMA for a wonderful MONGOLIA experience!
2011 C. Sanibel

I am looking at your horse riding trips in various countries and plan to find one suitable for us knowing from two trips in Mongolia with you (2009 and 2011) that we can be confident of you organisation and safety.
Padna our Mongolian guide was absolutely fabulous. Thoughtful, knowlegeable, very intelligent and completely in control when things didn't go according to plan. A great lady
N. Godson 2011

We were surprised to find out how young our guide was, but we also discovered she was incredibly mature and very knowledgeable. She really was a critical factor in our trip being so enjoyable. We really loved Setsen and would go on another trip with her in a heartbeat! Our driver was skilled and professional. Even though he didn't speak English, my 7-year-old son really bonded with him and says he misses him. The facilities and food at our ger camps exceeded our expectations, but think Boojum did a good job in preparing us so our expectations were reasonable. I think I would have made a slight adjustment to our itinerary once it was determined we'd miss Nadaam--not sure there was a compelling reason to stay in Tsterleg. Li, Carla 2011

Thomas is 6 years old and did great on this trip. He was so happy to make a friend - Boyna, the son of the Duut Resort owners - along the way. He doesn't really like goulash but loved it when someone would surprise him with spaghetti or french fries along our way. Playing basketball at the last ger camp was also fun. R. Moser family. 2011

Molor and Dagi were the best possible Guide and Driver. Very knowledgeable, very professioal. Went well out of their way to provide us best possible trip. Thanks to Molor, Dagi, Bobo and everyone at Boojum for such a wonderful trip
T. Beilman 2011

Most important were the excellent (far beyond expectation) services of Molor and Degy. They were superb in every way. Thank you for finding such fantastic staff guides and drivers. Molor taught us so much about Mongolia, and took care of every detail. She was calm and adaptable when plans needed to change (Gun Galuut flash flood had destroyed the ger camp at which we were planning to stay). She was careful in always making sure we had vegetarian meal options, and was responsive to our desire to hike more. She is such a superb interpretor of Mongolia's history and spirit. Degi handled flat tires, wildlife sighting, and fossil exploration with equal skill. He was available for each and every part of our explorations. We couldn't be happier with your staff!!

D. Dulin 2011

Undraa, Dawa and Daygee were fantastic travel guides, drivers and trip partners. Their enthusiasum, knowledge and sharing of information made the trip very special...especially seeing Dawa's family (in laws)We could not have asked for more and I thank you very much for this experience. Please tell all the the people who were involved how much I enjoyed this experience. It was the personal touch and involvement that made this great! Jackie Bell 2012

We really enjoyed our guide, Undraa, and also the two drivers we had (Degee and Dawa). It was especially nice that Dawa arranged for us all to visit his wife's brother and extended family in route to the northern lake region. D. Orthendahl 2011

I had a very good time in Mongolia. Bold and Alma were delightful companions and very professional. I have a much better feel for the land and people and am so glad I extended my stay. I am considering one of your trips to South America: probably not this winter (North American) but during the winter of 2012. If you have a mailing list for the travels you offer, I’d like to be on it.
Thank again, Roger

L. Herz 2010. What I enjoyed:
Just about everything - riding Mongolian ponies, experiencing different types of tack, the fabulously interesting countryside/people and general scenery, learning about Mongolia, sleeping in tents and gers, good food and excellent supply of drinking water, interesting trip companions, cheerful, attentive staff/wranglers/cook/drivers; being away from my cell phone/email.. as I said, I enjoyed just about everything.
Regarding trip information prior to departure: I think you should make it clear that the outfitter provides generous supplies of bottled water. The trip info referenced one canteen of purified water per day or something like that; I was pleasantly surprised to find abundant supplies of bottled water for our use - no need to bring purification tablets.

Greetings, I recently returned from the trip of a lifetime with Boojum Expeditions/Hidden Trails. The term "trip of a lifetime" is bantered about quite freely when describing trips, but as a world equestrian traveller, I can use that term with utmost sincerity when describing the Arhangay Horse Trek. Each detail of the trip was expertly handled, from our arrival at the UB airport to our 4:30a.m. departure from the hotel on our last day. All staff members were watchful of our needs, and there to help, from carrying baggage to mounting our horses. Their friendly smiles, patient demeanor and mutual creative ways of overcoming language barriers added immeasureably to our pleasant journey. A very special kudo to Molar (spelling) our female guide. Her knowledge of Mongolia, including culture, customs, etc. is phenomenal! I felt like I had a walking encyclopedia of Mongolia at my beck and call! Our head wrangler, Davay's (spelling?) enthusiasm was contagious. You could easily tell he really enjoyed his job. He had an obvious warm relationship with the families we vsited in the gers, which helped us feel right at home when visiting. I loved my horse! Although the Mongolians do not name their horses, I selected "Little Blackie" (think John Wayne's movie True Grit) as the moniker for mine. He was responsive, neck reined, and I could place him anywhere in the group with little resistance. I have mentioned a few of the staff members, but want to stress that they ALL were excellent at all their designated tasks. Please feel free to use my name and email for anyone wanting a reference for this trip. Thank you!! B. Brown

Mongolia is one of the most interesting and unique countries/people I have visited. I hope more folks will discover it either on horseback or other means. Seeing it from the perspective of the trip on horseback was extremely rewarding as one could observe and learn in a non-commercial, non-intrusive and first-hand way, and travel as the Mongolians have done for thousands of years. To prepare, I recommend reading the following two books: "Genghis Khan and the Making of the Modern World", Jack Weatherford, Three Rivers Press paperback edition, 2004 (a New York Times Bestseller); and the latest Lonely Planet Guidebook for Mongolia. I bought both on

Bobo and Kiersten,

We want to thank you for everything you did to help make our trip to Mongolia one of the best trips we've ever taken. We would have liked to have been able to spend more than a week in Mongolia, but thanks to your great planning we got to see and do more than we had expected. The things we saw and learned on this trip will stay with us forever, and we definitely have plans to return.

Bobo, it was great to meet Chinbat and stay at your ger camp. We were honored to be the first family to stay there. We can't wait to return and see the Inn when it is completed. Brooke, Eric, Austin and Lauren 2006

This trip was fabulous!! I knew it would be an adventure, but the trip, the camp/cook/wranglers and the wide open spaces of Mongolia itself surpassed all expectations. Penny B. Custom Trip 2004

Roger Emanuels' report of his 2004 Sierra Club Horseback Trek Click here

"I don't think we could have had better wranglers. All staff was incredibly nice and extremely helpful. Trip of a lifetime, something I'll never forget or stop thinking about." Matt E. Custom Trip 2004

"We had a fantastic trip and your Mongolian organization was top-notch, adjusting to our problems in arrival with care and success. Our driver and translator were terrific and overall our whole family had a truly amazing experience. Our hats off to you all." Sharon W. Custom Trip 2004

" was the experience of a lifetime, and I cannot believe all that Boojum did." Sally J. Khovsgol 2004

"Personnel were beyond the three traits listed (average, good, excellent). Eric was imaginative and ingenious, Gongor and Onon were friends and helpful. M.C., YOU made it all work and a pleasure" Earle T. Arhangay 2001

"Gina and I cannot say enough good things about your outfit and operation. We've done many adventure travel type expeditions and feel you have a world class operation both in your Montana office and on the ground in Mongolia." Jim and Gina R. Khovsgol 2001

"Doug and I want you to know how much we loved the trip, and how impressed we are with your organization in all aspects, starting with those who run it, as personality always plays the biggest role, and moving to planning and implementing a very well thought out trip. We had a wonderful time. MC, you were fabulous. Very clear about the trip, what it is, and what to expect, and very encouraging. Eric, you were the glue that held it all together. All the Mongolian staff were reliable, hardworking, and most importantly vigilant instilling the most important factor, confidence and trust. Kent, I congratulate you on putting together a fantastic operation. Dorothy S and Doug K, Arhangay 2001


"This was the most wonderful experience of my life and I will never forget it. I am feeling SO SORRY for myself that I am home again. What a beautiful place and what nice people. Thank you thank you thank you. The trip considerably exceeded my expectations. Allison C, 2001

"Fantastic Trip!! The Tibetans were wonderful as were the Chinese. Allison S, 2000

"Nein Zhu was absolutely the star of the show. He provided entertainment, singing, translating, cooking and protection from wild dogs. His is an incredible talent. Overall the trip exceeded my expectations. The scenery was astounding. The Tibetan people were delightful to be around. I want to go back to Tibet, for longer this time.. Marie G, 2000

Kazakh Eagle Hunters

"Bobo, MC, Kent, even for seasoned traveler, this was an outstanding trip. This was beyond "tourism". We had plenty of opportunities to meet the Kazakh people and learn their way of life. Bolotbek was an outstanding guide in every way." Derrick G. Nov. 2003

"Everyone at Boojum did an excellent job from pre-trip planning and questions to the final goodbyes. The first day out hunting was absolutely sensory overload!! The horseback riding, scenery, comaraderie were overwhelming."
David F. Jan. 2004

"Overall, one of the best trips of my life" David M. Nov 2001

"I had the time of my life--thanks! All the guides, etc. were terrific. A big thank you to them. Ulug U. Nov. 2002

"Your people in Mongolia are first rate". Les D. Nov. 2001

"Gongor, Canat and Ika were FABULOUS" Paul W Nov. 2000

"Thank you , thank you, thank you for assisting in expanding my horizons. All concerned were quite competent, caring, sharing people." Rebecca R Nov. 2000

"The trip was a wonderful adventure. I saw and learned so much. It was more than you purported it to be and as you said, not an adventure for those seeking creature comforts or gourmet meals. I am very glad I did it and I thought the price reasonable." William D. Nov. 2000


Dear Kent and Linda,

Now that I have had time to think about my trip to Uruguay and Argentina, it is time to write and let you know about our Boojum guide Valeria Arizas.

Valeria made this trip a joy! Gracelia and Jorge at the Estancia Charrabon made me feel as if I was visiting family as did every other person at the places we stayed in Uruguay. Macarena Rios was perfect as Valeria's right-hand helper. Her knowledge of the horses, the people and the region was a perfect combination with Valeria, as was our van driver Mulo with his extensive grasp of the plants, birds and topography of Uruguay. What a team you have in all of them.

I value my travels much more when I am able to feel "a part of" a county and to be able to learn about it's customs (mate, the pronunciation of the double ll, etc.) . Valeria made this possible, she was attentive to my needs, safely, and most important, she made the trip fun,. My luggage was lost for six days and not a day went by that Valeria did not continue to track where it was. It finally arrived when we were in Punta del Diablo! Laughter is so important on a trip to a different country and laugh we did. I miss them all.

Argentina was quite an experience and made more special because we were able to meet you and Linda since Valeria had so many nice things to say about Boojum and the two of you. Your attention to your travelers is evident from the enthusiasm that they have. It was nice to meet two people in your group of "Cowboy Poets and Gauchos".

Martin and Dolores and the gauchos were warm and friendly and provided a good look at the more rural life in Argentina. It was totally different and as I reflect back a journey that I count as a once in a lifetime experience. Thank you Boojum.
Nancy E. 2006

"I am taking this opportunity to thank you for such a wonderful trip to Uruguay. You ought to be proud as well on the works accomplished by Valeria and her assistants in making the horse riding not only a truly gratifying experience, but educational as well. Joni and I both sincerely hope you will keep those uncommon expeditions alive, and don't be surprised, we will embarking on another one of those expeditions to Mongolia or Argentina or any where else in South America. Thanks again." Edgar and Joni 2005

"This trip was wonderful, amazing, exactly what I hoped for and more." Dorota R. 2003
"We had so much fun on this trip. No glitches at all. Valeria was so funny, talented, beautiful, intelligent and well-organized." Juliette C. 2003

"In my experience of group travel, Boojum is, shoulders,torso,pelvis,thighs, calves and ankles above the rest."
Chris W. 2003

"An incredible vacation-well run beyond any reasonable expectations. The whole trip went like clockwork. Valeria (Uruguayan guide) is an extraordinary person." Mark T. 2004

"As per past experience traveling with Boojum, this trip was no different. I have nothing but the most favorable experiences with the Boojum people." Manny B. 2004


"Linda's attention to detail and availability to everyone was very impressive. Martin and his gauchos really looked after our horses and riders very well." Heather H. Dec. 2000

"Fun, great people, bonded with everyone. Good group. Thank you for letting us make some chsanges so we could fish. Wish the trip had been longer. Will be with you all again." Frank G. Dec. 2000

"I thought it was a great trip and have many fond memories. The people (Argentines) were all helpful and attentive as was Linda, our guide. And she was fun to be with." Beatrice A. Dec. 2000















































































We specialize in Mongolia travel but we also offer adventure travel to Patagonia, Uruguay, Tibet. Horseback riding was our original interest when we pioneered travel adventures to China and Inner Mongolia and Tibet. We now offer tours and travel packages of all kinds in Mongolia (formerly Outer Mongolia) including camel riding, trekking, photography, fishing, horseback riding, culture, visiting Naadam, the Gobi, Lake Hovsgol (Lake Khovsgol) and the nomadic herders of Mongolia. In Ulan Bator we have our own offices though we are not really a travel agent, but an outfitter of travel and adventure in Mongolia. If want a riding vacation; whether a horseback riding vacation, a camel riding vacation or a jeep riding vacation, we'll be glad to create a travel adventure across Mongolia for you.

In Patagonia and Uruguay remember you can combine two adventures and do both horseback riding trips in just two weeks of travel. A Patagonia horseback riding vacation or a Uruguay horseback riding vacation is just the thing for beginners or experienced equestrian travelers. An equestrain vacation, horseback riding in Patagonia, Agentina or Uruguay or Mongolia or Tibet is a great way to have a guided adventure.
Mongolia travel can also include rafting, trekking or a combination of rafting, trekking, horseback riding and culture. Mongolia travel means visiting the Gobi, Lake Khovsgol, Buddhist monasteries, or even fishing. The fishing in Mongolia and Patagonia is very good. In Mongolia the fishing is for taimen. In Patagonia, the fishing is for trout. Being an outfitter, we don't call our adventure horseback riding or other mongolia tours "tours" per se. We think that Monglia tour sounds like it lacks adventure. A Mongolia tour can include paleontology, horseback riding, a river trip or rafting, trekking or culture. Whatever you call it, a Mongolia tour or Mongolia travel, we will be sure to make your Mongolia tour feel like a private tour.

Those of you who have endured reading the awful prose just preceding are probably wondering what kind of idiot wrote it. We must confess to both a capacity for better prose and an ulterior motive in writing so badly. Search engines look for correlations between your keywords like Mongolia travel, horseback riding, mongolia tour, Patagonia, Uruguay, Tibet, Gobi.. (see there I go again) and the frequency with which they appear on your page. In this everchanging cyber world, we need to keep up, I guess. Have a good riding vacation or adventure and come for Mongolia travel.

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