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Planning a Private Trip in Mongolia

(We provide your first consultation by phone or email for free)

A private departure allows you to travel when, where and how you want.  For those with limited schedules, very specific interests or a family group, a private departure is ideal.   Our staff in the US and in Mongolia have the timely information (with all due respect to Lonely Planet and others) needed to insure a practical, well designed itinerary. And our private departures are very reasonably priced.  Call our Bozeman office toll-free for an obligation free consulation, 800-287-0125

Other US based companies sell you a trip and then pass you off to a completely different company in Mongolia.  We operate all our own trips so continuity and quality are maintained.  Ask to speak with one of our happy travelers whose interests and needs are similar to yours. 


  • Complete and customized private itinerary packages for groups of any size.
  • Hotel and Ger Camp Reservations
  • Homestay Arrangements
  • Jeep and driver rental on a day, week or monthly basis
  • Specialized interpreters and translators for the needs of business people
  • Support services in the countryside and Ulaan Baatar for film and video projects
  • Meal service, cooks, horse and specialized equipment rental

DON'T TRY TO DO TOO MUCH:  Our staff will help you with a realistic schedule so that your days are full, but not crammed.  In the Mongolian countryside, life has a more sedate pace and understanding the culture, and its link to nature and the seasons, requires getting into that pace yourself.  If you insist on an itinerary that is too tightly scheduled, you run the risk of having the entire trip compromised by events (weather, flight delays, bad roads) beyond our control.  More importantly, you may have to forego some spontaneous and delightful opportunity that was unforseen, because you have a plane to catch.

PLANNING FEE: Only AFTER we have clarified your basic itinerary and confirmed your date of arrival, we will then require a $100 USD planning fee (non-refundable), which is credited against the total cost of your trip.  We put our hearts and minds into your trip and the planning fee covers the time and expenses of our staff in the US and in Mongolia who work together on the itinerary.  Additionally, at peak travel times (like early July in Mongolia) we have to make financial committments to reserve hotels and other components of your trip. 

YOUR LOCAL GUIDE:  Before your arrival in Ulaan Baatar and conditions permitting, we will introduce you to your guide through email.  This will give you a chance to get to know the person who is so critical to your trip's success and directly discuss details of the itinerary and your interests.

OUR GUARANTEE:  If, during the planning process,  we are not able to provide you the level of expertise your itinerary needs, we will be happy to refer you to the local company or individual best suited to meet those needs. 

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