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 Kazakh Eagle Hunters of Mongolia  (11 days)
Nov 11-21, 18-28, Dec 9-19, 16-26, Dec 30-Jan 9 (2006) Jan 6-16
2250.00 from Ulaan Baatar
Eagle Hunting: 2004 Client Trip Report (David Lee Kirkland)
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Eagle Hunting, one of the most dramatic and primal relationships between man and beast is alive and well in the remote mountains of western Mongolia.  Falconry developed in Central Asia and for centuries, Kazakh men have hunted from horseback with trained golden eagles, the largest and most powerful of raptors.  Fox, rabbit and even wolf are hunted for their fur and for the challenge they present, pursued across the snowy mountains and steppes.  We offer a ten day long trip to meet the hunters and their birds, follow them on the hunt and learn some of the skills involved in the capture, training and use of the eagles as hunters. 

In winter western Mongolia is VERY COLD.  Day time temperatures are nearly always below freezing, often below zero.  The accommodations will be comfortable but very simple living with the eagle hunter's family in wooden houses heated with wood or coal burning stoves.  In winter it is also generally sunny and not windy so the days, if properly dressed, can be quite pleasant.  The Kazakhs only hunt with their eagles during winter, when the pelts of the rabbits, red fox and wolf are at their most luxuriant.  Hunting with eagles is an ancient sport.  It reminds us of how close, until recent history, man was with both nature and animals.  This tradition, lost in many parts of the world, is enjoying a resurgence of interest among the Kazakhs and has spread to other ethnic groups who once hunted with raptors but lost the knowledge. 

Participants will discuss  the techniques of capturing and training an eagle (only the females are used, they are larger) and will be able to see the eagles fly in pursuit of prey.  You should be prepared for some horseback riding (Mongol ponies are small but stout) and/or camel riding in order to follow the hunters.  In addition, the far western mountains of Mongolia (Altai) are spectacularly beautiful. 

This trip is limited to 6 participants and an interview with our office is a prerequisite. 

Day 1: Arrive Ulaan Baatar.  Hotel Overnight.
Day 2: Fly to Olgii in western Mongolia.  Drive to hunter's camp.  Overnight in hunter's home.
Day 3-8: Join the hunters either by jeep, on foot or horseback.
Day 9:  Fly to Ulaan Baatar.   Hotel overnight.  Final dinner.
Day 10:  Sightsee in Ulaan Baatar.
Day 11: Return flight home.

Please Note:  these trip dates are designed to allow North Americans to go in and out of Ulaan Baatar via Seoul, Korea which is the easiest and generally cheapest way to travel. 

Includes: All inclusive of meals, accommodations, guide services, internal transportation and specialized gear.  Not included: International airfare to Ulaan Baatar, airport taxes, gratuities.